• Triphala Churna

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    Triphala means “Three Fruitful Things.”  It is composed of Haritaki, Amla (Amalaki), and Bahera (Bibhitaki).  It enlivens the cellular intelligence and DNA and it cleanses and rejuvenates the body simultaneously.  Can be used as a base for all therapies.  Strengthens the sense organs, increases digestion and elimination, purifies the body tissues, improves mind power, and nourishes the entire body in general.

    You can cook with it, preserve things with it, sprinkle it as seasoning on foods and drinks, eat it directly, or utilize in tea.  Get creative.  It is like a food which is eaten every day.


    (Cooling and Heating)


    1. Detoxifies and rejuvenates simultaneously at the deep cellular level.
    2. Particularly rejuvenating for the digestive tract
    3. Enhances all thirteen agnis, which are the “digestive fires” or “transformational processes” in body, especially the main digestive fire in the stomach.
    4. Nourishes all seven dhatus, or tissue types, in the body.
    5. Strengthens all the sense organs.
    6. Purify and clear channels of the body.
    7. Enlivens the inner intelligence of the mind and body.
    8. Maintains integrity of DNA
    9. Balances stomach, spleen, liver, lungs, heart, small intestine, kidneys, large intestine, and gallbladder.
    10. Balances blood elements such as cholesterol and sugar.
    11. Useful in diabetic conditions.
    12. Anti-inflammatory
    13. Used as base in any therapy.
    14. Rejuvenates eyes
    15. Rejuvenates skin, promotes luster.
    16. Improves various aspects of mind power.
    17. Works on all types of people.




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  • Triphala Churna
  • Triphala Churna

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