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    Bahera is the cousin to Haritaki, the Fruit of Life.  It possess many divine virtues.   Beneficial for the eyes, ears, nose, and throat.  Gets rid of hoarsness of voice and add divinity to the voice.   It nourishes the skin, nail, and hair.  Helps to heighten hair growth, blackness, roots, and thickness. This fruit improves the mental faculties and heals diseases of the eye such as conjunctivitis, myopia, immature cataract, corneal opacity, as well as acute and chronic infections.   Bahera improves immunity and longevity.  It can be taken on a daily basis.  It is especially beneficial for individuals who have a lot of phlegm and mucus in the body.   It heals all aspects of the skin, inside and out, by opening the channels through its “BHEDANA” (HEATING) effect.


    1. Purify the blood, maintain normal blood clotting ability, purify and keep the channels in the body clear,

    2. It is cooling and heating simultaneously,

    3. It cleanses the cellular fluid, blood, muscle, and fat tissues,

    4. Excellent for balancing and nurturing the vocal chord,

    5. Antibacterial,

    6. Rejuvenates eyes,

    7. Nourishes the hair, and helps maintain the hair roots, color, and thickness. Organic.

    (Heating and Cooling)


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