• Bitter Melon (Karela) Triphala

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    Bitter Melon that grows wild in India is known as Karela.  In the ancient wisdom books it said if your husband has diabetes,  go out into the field and pick bitter melon (other vegetables, fruits, and roots were mentioned as well) and cook with it.  This was said to get rid of diabetes.    Karela (Bitter Melon) has beneficial impact in all metabolic disorders such as diabetes, gout, urinary problems, cancer (especially breast cancer), arthritis/inflammation, HIV/AIDS, dirty blood,  skin diseases,  and even impotence.  It keeps a person vital, full of vigor, and young.



    1. Bitter in taste
    2. Rich in Phosphorus
    3. Regular use is invigorating and keeps one active
    4. Is a blood purifier
    5. Activates Liver and Spleen
    6. Is highly beneficial in diabetes
    7. Purgative, Digestive, Appetizer, Antiinflammatory, Antiflatulent
    8. Arthritis and Joint Problems
    9. Clears uric acid build up from body easily.
    10. Useful in skin diseases
    11. Known to destroy breast cancer cells.
    12. Can be very useful in infections such as HIV.


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