• Healthy Weight Management

    What does "Healthy Weight Management" mean? Healthy weight management simply means YOU being the "Governing Body" or manager of your weight as an ongoing lifestyle . . . NOT a diet! Rapid weight loss plans are NOT healthy by any means. They really throw your body into an unbalanced state that can trigger weight GAIN trauma, because when you stop the diet and don't change your lifestyle, your body will revert to its "old" mechanism of weight gain. You may even gain MORE weight than you originally carried. But you CAN lose weight gradually by changing even ONE thing that you...

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  • The Oldest Known East Indian Medical System

    The process of Healing dates back thousands of years. It is recorded in Books known as "Ayurveda" ... "The Book Of Life" ... the oldest known Medical System recorded by Indians: Validated by Wisdom from Africa and India. Surgery, Massage, Sweat Therapy, Yoga, Acupressure, Meditation, and the full compilation and archiving of all the Fruits, Vegetables and Medicinal Herbs on the Whole Planet, came out of Ayurveda. The ability to "heal oneself" by way of Different Modalities, starting with Food and Complemented by other Modalities to make you healthy, Whole, Holy. I have helped many people Overcome Many Conditions. We...

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  • Facebook site for products up and running!

    I am always happy to find new ways to share the knowledge about healing with you.  This is why I am pleased to announce that Doctor Bombay's Facebook Page is up and running.   Thank you and be well.    

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