• Tulsi Capsules (Triphala Tulsi)

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  • Description

    Tulsi, is  also known as "Holy Basil.”  It is wholly since it is said to balance the entire chemical system of the body after continuous use.  Tulsi is one of the most intelligent plants.  It is said that Tulsi was a goddess who actually transformed herself into a plant.  Tulsi has been used and worshipped in India by women for thousands of years.  Tulsi connects with a woman’s energy.

    Tulsi can be taken by both men and women alike.  It has divine effects which you can read upon , such as speeding the healing of bone fracture.  It is a natural antibiotic while it decreases the side effects of toxic medications.   It is said that one of Krishna’s consorts balanced the entire Lord’s weight on a scale by a single leaf of Tulsi placed with a Love-Filled and Righteous intent, whereas tons of Gold and Riches would not budge the scale.


    1. Holistic health promotion,

    2. Stress Resilience,

    3. Energy and performance enhancement,

    4. Anti-Aging effects,

    5. Antioxidant activity,

    6. Boost Immunity,

    7. Radiation Protection,

    8. Immunity Tune-Up,

    9. Anti-inflammatory action,

    10. Antibiotic protection,

    11. Heart and vascular protection,

    12. Liver support,

    13. Lung and bronchial support, 

    14. Synergizes nutritional intake,

    15. Reduces side effects of dangerous or toxic medical treatments,

    16. Lowers fever,

    17. Speeds healing of bone fractures,

    18. Reduces dangerous blood sugar levels, 

    19. Reduces nausea, vomiting, and cramping.



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