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    When you cut a fresh sprig of Giloy (Guduchi, Amrita) and hang it from a cord in the air, it will continue to grow by itself, gathering its life energy from the five elements in the environment. This makes it very valuable for its ability to bring life into the body.  For this reason it is sometimes called Amrita, the Sanskrit word for immortality.

    Giloy is the best for cleaning the microcirculatory channels of the body right down to the mitochondria.  Clears brain toxins and the heavy metals in the base of the brain.


    1. Best for cleaning microcirculatory channels and the other channels
    2. Remove endogenous and exogenous toxins (from internal and external sources)
    3. Clears brain toxins that hinder mental activity
    4. Direct Medhya Rasayana effect: enhances various aspects of mind power
    5. Balances and purifies fat tissue
    6. Aids various aspects of metabolism, digestion, and assimilation
    7. Aids in proper formation of all the bodily tissues
    8. Balances liver function and promotes proper assimilation 

    9. Aids in purification of the urinary tract,by balancing lubrication and downward energy of body
    10. Aids in intercellular communication and coordination
    11. Nourish mind-body connection
    12. Creates balance in constitution
    13. Directly nourishes hair
    14. Enhances overall immune function



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